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Name:The Last City
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Community description:An open post-apocalyptic RP sandbox
You wake up deep underground, coming around to find yourself in darkness, unable to tell much about your surroundings but how enclosed they are. Slowly, the lights rise in your pod, and as the air warms up around you you realise how cold you truly are. It's long moments before the hatch to your pod opens, freeing you to slide out as best you can, into a sterile room dominated by the same pods you just emerged from. Other people may emerge at the same time, or you may be entirely alone.

Outside the room is an entire facility, as best you can tell, although most of it is sealed off by thick, indestructible blast doors with no apparent way of opening them. You find some barracks, a kitchen, an attached storeroom. Further on leads you to a room with a giant screen, where a short video explaining the situation plays on constant repeat. Past that is a reception room, and past that... the last city. Abandoned and empty, detritus from the former inhabitants still strewn everywhere, the last city is scarred from the riots of its last days, but it still stands.

It's your city, now.

You can remember a whole life, lived in the world you believed was your own. But you also remember agreeing to be frozen in this world, a last-ditch defence against the virus that took out everyone unlucky enough to not win the lottery. You remember the warning that cryogenic slumber causes vivid dreams, perhaps even an entire lifetime of them. Perhaps you even remember your other life here, in the last days of the world, although for most it's weaker than the life you lived frozen.

It's up to you which life you believe. Do you choose to settle in the city, attempt to make the best of it? Do you refuse to believe this is your world, attempt to somehow regain the life you've lost? Either way, you'll need to survive.

[The Last City is an open sandbox with strong post-apocalyptic and slice-of-life elements, with an emphasis on memory and identity. Your character has strong memories of their canon life- but also weaker memories of their life before the apocalypse. Everyone remembers the contract and the warning, but past that, some people will remember nothing and some will remember whole lives. Powers may be lost, gained, or altered from how your character remembers them, although canon universe-jumping powers and major reality-warping are definitely gone. It's up to your character which memories they believe, and whichever set they choose, to decide whether to make a life here or try to get "home", somehow. The city is mostly intact, most buildings can still be occupied or opened, and most stored food is still good; the apocalypse wasn't all that long ago, and it hit fast and ended fast. Technology found in the city is mostly Earth-level, although some things may be slightly more advanced. Feral animals have inhabited parts of the city, but often keep to specific areas. The only power is in the facility, but there are multiple sockets and the power never goes out. There's a single network available, both phone and internet, but it's accessible all over the city. The internet itself is gone.

There are newspapers in the city that will give basic information; the Apocalypse was caused by a virus that wiped out all human life on Earth in a couple of months. The Last City's real name is Tennios and the former inhabitants were forcibly evacuated, to leave the city intact for the people in the facility. There were some riots, The newspapers lay out the basic scheme: all the people in the facility, run by Kryas Corporation, were chosen by lottery, as a last ditch attempt to have some survivors. They've been frozen for approximately only six months. Some of the details may be contradictory, including the nature of the facility and the length of time people have been in the pods. Other literature, clearly not professionally printed, hints at other experiments conducted in the facility, including attempts to find other sources of energy and even bridge the distance between worlds. They ascribe the virus to something brought through from those other worlds, and even suggest that perhaps Kryas were experimenting with human transfer.

The Last City draws heavily from multiple sources, but mainly Resident Evil and King of Thorns.]
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